Murphys Creek Flows Will Be Low in November

Residents of Murphys and Angels Camp will notice low flows in the creek running through Murphys and Angels Camp during the month of November 2023. This is due to the Utica Water and Power Authority’s (Utica) annual scheduled maintenance outage.

During the outage, Utica will shut off water conveyed from the North Fork Stanislaus River that normally flows through Utica’s system from Avery to Angels Camp. Minimum creek flows will be released from water stored in Utica’s five reservoirs to provide water to the Union Public Utility District and City of Angels Camp. On weekends in November, Utica may turn the water back on for a day or two in order to refill storage reservoirs.

While the system is de-watered, Utica staff will make needed repairs to our wooden flumes and gunite lined canals, which will help reduce water lost to leakage. While the Utica Conveyance Crew is working on flumes and canals, the Operations and Maintenance Crew will be making repairs and upgrades to both the Murphys and Angels Powerhouses.

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For more information or to ask questions about the maintenance outage, contact us at or (209) 736-9419.


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