Exciting Progress for Utica Water and Power Authority!

We are thrilled to announce that Senator Alex Padilla has submitted three congressionally
directed spending requests on behalf of the Utica Water and Power Authority to enhance and
protect our hydroelectric energy generation and water conveyance infrastructure. While this
is just the beginning of a long process (and depends on Congress finalizing the FY25 spending
bills), it marks an important step forward.

Below is a summary of the three requests that Sen. Padilla advanced to the Senate Committee
on Appropriations in Washing D.C.:

FY25 Interior Appropriations – Community Project Request
This $300,000 request supports the replacement and repair of Utica’s wooden flumes and
concrete-lined canals. These upgrades are vital for maintaining the primary water conveyance
system that provides drinking and ag water to nearly 10,000 residents in the Union Public
Utility District and the City of Angels Camp in Calaveras County.

FY25 Homeland Security Appropriations – Community Project Request
The $272,000 request provides funding to conduct a feasibility study to analyze alternatives for
bypassing, replacing, or hardening wooden flumes that are at risk of damage and destruction
from natural disasters like wildfires,  landslides, and treefalls.

FY25 Energy and Water Appropriations – Community Project Request
This $250,000 request supports capital improvements to sustain two hydroelectric
powerhouses: Murphys Powerhouse (3.6 MW) and Angels Powerhouse (1.4 MW). Planned
upgrades include modernizing protection relays and replacing an aging transformer.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to Senator Padilla for his support of our rural region’s water
infrastructure needs. A special shoutout to his Northern California field staff, Roberto Rizo, for
coming to Angels Camp, touring our facilities, and helping advance our key projects at the federal

Stay tuned for more updates on this crucial effort!

Senator Padilla – Thank you


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