Caution Urged with Cold Water and High Flows in Murphys / Angels Creek

The public is urged to use caution when recreating in and around Murphys / Angels Creek this spring and summer, due to high water flows and very cold water. With the record snowpack this year, it is anticipated that all streams and rivers in Calaveras County will be noticeably higher and colder for a longer period than in recent years. As the weather warms and snow melts, it will lead to high water flows in the North Fork Stanislaus River, which leads to higher flows in Utica’s canal and flume system. Not only does snowmelt cause high flows, it also makes the water extremely cold, which can be dangerous to swimmers, tubers, waders, pets, or anyone entering the water.

While recreating in Murphys Park, Tryon Park, or anywhere along Murphys / Angels Creek, we urge community members to use caution when approaching the water. We expect unpredictable increases and decreases in water flows, depending on daily temperatures and resulting runoff from snowmelt.

We urge the public to use caution, especially those with children, when near the Murphys / Angels Creek – and all streams and rivers in Calaveras County.

For more information, contact Calaveras Office of Emergency Services at (209) 754-6650 or the Murphys Park Association at (209) 728-1948. Anyone experiencing an emergency, should call 911 or the Calaveras County Sheriff’s Office at (209) 754-6500.


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