As Drought Persists, Voluntary Water Conservation Encouraged

A joint release from: Union Public Utility District (UPUD), City of Angels Camp (COA) and Utica Water and Power Authority (Utica)

With the drought persisting, the California State Water Resources Control Board has issued sweeping orders for residents to cut back on their water usage across the state, including a recent order that targeted the Stanislaus River. Fortunately, the City of Angels and Union Public Utility District benefit from Utica Water and Power Authority’s senior water rights dating back to the 1850s and a water supply contract that is not subject to curtailment. This robust system provides our communities with a reliable water source, even during times of drought when other parts of the state are limited to indoor use only.

While COA, UPUD, and Utica’s customers aren’t being forced to cut back, the governing bodies are continuing to ask residents, businesses, and ranchers to voluntarily cut water use by 15% compared to 2020 levels.

“While we are fortunate to have water deliveries to meet our customers’ needs during this drought, we need to be thinking ahead in case we have another dry year,” said Ralph Chick, UWPA Board President. “Any water we save this year could be stored in high-country reservoirs and saved for next year in case conditions get even worse.” 

With all members on the same page regarding water conservation, the JPA will continue providing the community with information on how to use water efficiently indoors and outdoors to make sure this precious resource isn’t wasted.

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