Warm Storms May Melt Snow and Cause Flooding Later This Week – March 9-11

16:00 – March 8, 2023

A warm storm forecasted for later this week could melt snow and cause substantial flooding in Mill Creek, Murphys Creek, and Angels Creek. Residents are urged to stay away from creeks during flood stage and avoid driving through flooded areas. Property owners along the creek are encouraged to take appropriate precautions to protect life and property before flood waters arrive.

Last week, a cold storm system dropped heavy snow at low elevations, including Arnold, Avery, and Murphys. This week’s forecast is expected to bring a warmer storm system with heavy rain through our region. If the accumulation of low snow melts too rapidly, it could lead to substantial flooding in the creeks in Avery, Murphys, and Angels Camp. Leading up to this atmospheric river event, residents may notice some of the precautions we are taking. We are preemptively lowering the elevations of our reservoirs to make room for storm flows. Residents may notice the Murphys Afterbay is low, which is easily viewed from Utica Grade just east of Murphys.

Tomorrow (3/9/23) Utica will begin “dewatering” the system by opening nine waste gates at various points on our 27-mile conveyance system. Letting water out of the system will lessen the risk of catastrophic failure, and help keep flows lower through Murphys/Angels Creek. Out of an abundance of caution, tomorrow (3/9/23) Utica will shut down Murphys Powerhouse. Depending on the day and water allocation, Murphys Powerhouse releases anywhere from 20-60 cubic feet per second (CFS) of water through the lower portion of our system while generating electricity.

It is important for the community to remember that Utica cannot control the flows through Murphys/Angels Creek. It is a natural watershed, and flows will rise and fall based on rainfall and snowmelt. Utica will continue to take proactive steps to minimize the impact on residents and businesses. We will continue to monitor all infrastructure, gaging stations, and reservoirs closely, ready to react to any problems that may arise. For more information, call 209-736-9419 or email Keep posted on Utica’s activities on Facebook @uticawaterpower and learn more at


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