Utica’s 2024 Spring Maintenance Outage: April 1 – April 12

Utica’s two-week spring maintenance outage begins today, Monday April 1, 2024. In order to perform maintenance on wooden flumes, concrete-lined canals, and hydroelectric powerhouses, we have to turn off the water flowing through our water system. Water stored in our reservoirs will be supplied to Union Public Utility District and City of Angels Camp during the outage for municipal water service. Community members will notice the stream flow in Murphys Community Park and Tryon Park will be much lower than normal over the next two weeks. Water for irrigation Utica’s contractors and COA/UPUD’s irrigation customers will not be available during this outage. Normal flows are expected to resume on Friday April 12.

Those with questions or concerns may contact our office at (209) 736-9419 or email


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