Utica Seeking Community At-Large Board Member & Alternate

The Utica Water and Power Authority (Utica) is accepting applications for a Community At-Large Board Member for Utica Board of Directors. Additionally, Utica is accepting applications for an Alternate Community At-Large Board member (this person fills in if the primary member isn’t able to attend meetings).

Both positions are volunteer, unpaid positions. The Board members from Union Public Utility District (UPUD) and City of Angels Camp (COA) will interview candidates and make appointments for both positions. The candidates who are selected will serve two-year terms commencing January 1, 2022. While the Board has discretion, it generally seeks applicants who live in or near the Angels Camp or Union Public Utility District’s service areas (Murphys, Douglas Flat, Vallecito, Six Mile Village, Red Hill Road, Angels Camp). The Utica Board is seeking candidates who demonstrate skills, experience and knowledge that can help solve the challenges Utica is facing now and in the future.

Click here to view an electronic version of the application. If you would like a hard copy, they are available at 1168 Booster Way, Angels Camp, 95222. Please email applications to or drop them by the Utica office. For more information, please email or call (209) 736-9419.

Applications will be accepted until 5 p.m. Friday December 3, 2021.




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