Stephens Tower





A vital communications tower of up to 40 feet was installed to allow transmittal of reservoir elevations, SCADA controls and emergency communications. The project also includes up to 1000 watts of solar panels with battery backups and four radios with controllers, control box enclosure to house battery backup, solar charger, two water loggers and transmittal appurtenances, two stilling wells, two water level potentiometer sensors, and two staff gauges.

Several benefits can be achieved through upgrading communications and data collection by installing this communications tower. Expanding monitoring and data capturing infrastructure to include Joint Power Authority member resources affecting operational functionality will enhance multiple agency collaborative efforts pertaining to water reporting and accountability, water use efficiency, self-reliance, fire suppression, emergency communications and controls and consumptive use data tracking. It will allow UWPA to close its network capabilities between two of its infrastructure sites to increase security and SCADA reliability, while capturing information on behalf of UPUD, and enhancing UWPA’s ability to monitor reservoir levels for flood control and water conservation. Alarming systems on the tower will elevate response time during precipitation events to monitor inflows, control elevations, and maintain desired pressure for fire suppression efforts and consumptive demand.

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