Water Conservation

Utica Board approves 15% voluntary conservation target

On August 24, 2021, the Utica Board of Directors approved a 15% voluntary water conservation target for the 16 irrigation water contractors who purchase water from Utica’s water conveyance system. Additionally, the Union Public Utility District (UPUD) and City of Angels Camp City Council both approved the same 15% voluntary cutbacks, compared to 2020 water usage.

Although the state is in a historic drought in summer 2021, Utica’s water supplies remain adequate to meet the needs of those who rely on our water including, UPUD and COA service areas, and agricultural customers along our water conveyance system. This reliable water supply is due to the planning and investments made by water leaders on the Highway 4 Corridor dating back 150 years to the Gold Rush to secure senior water rights, build reservoirs, construct water conveyance systems to provide water to our communities, even in drought.

Water Saving Tips

  • Trim back your lawn’s watering schedule to fewer days per week.
  • Check your sprinkler heads and make any necessary repairs.
  • Water during the cool part of the day.
  • Use a broom to clean sidewalks and pavements instead of a hose.
  • Plant drought resistant trees and shrubs.
  • Turn off the faucet when you are brushing your teeth or doing dishes – saves 2 gallons per minute.
  • Take shorter showers with high-efficiency showerheads. Each minute you cut saves 2.5 gallons.
  • Operate your clothes and dishwashers with full loads only; even if the machine has an adjustable load setting.
  • Detect leaks. Do you hear the toilet running or your faucet dripping? Contact your local water agency for information on locating your water meter and detecting plumbing leaks using meter readings. Conduct a dye-test in toilet tanks to identify silent leaks.
  • Install aerators on bathroom/kitchen sinks to reduce water use by 4%.
  • Replace your old toilet, the largest water user inside your home. High-efficiency toilet models flush at 1.28 gallons or less compared to older models, which use up to 7 gallons per flush.
  • Replace your clothes washer, the second largest water user in your home. High efficiency clothes washers can reduce water and energy use by 40%.
  • You can view more information from the state about water conservation tools and tips by visiting saveourwater.com
  • To understand how much your water your landscaping really needs, learn more about evaporation transpiration visit California Irrigation Management Systems website.
  • Check with the Calaveras Master Gardeners for a free consultation on your landscaping goals. Contact them at 754-2880 or visit Calaveras County Master Gardeners.
  • If you have additional water conservation related questions, please contact Utica at joelm@uticawater.com or call (209) 736-9419.

Calaveras County Water Conservation Partnership


Calaveras Conserves was formed in Spring, 2015 as an opportunity for agencies to provide a consistent outreach message to the community during droughts. All major water agencies in Calaveras County are members including, Union Public Utility District, Valley Springs Public Utility District, City of Angels, Blue Lake Springs Mutual Water Company, Utica Power and Water Authority, Calaveras Public Utility District and Calaveras County Water District. As a partnership, these agencies are meeting regularly during the current drought with the goal of providing the most up to date water conservation information for customers throughout the County.

Remember to use water wisely

Calaveras Conserves encourages residents and visitors of the County to use water efficiently and prepare for extended dry conditions. While no mandatory conservation measures have been imposed by state officials, Gov. Gavin Newsom is calling on all Californians to voluntarily reduce water consumption by 15 percent compared to 2020 levels.

As we move into the hotter, summer months, we will continue to thank Calaveras County residents and visitors for their ongoing water-use efficiency efforts and remind everyone to use water wisely. The Calaveras County community can practice water efficiency year-round and make a difference by finding and fixing leaks, taking shorter showers and installing water efficient landscaping.


Water shortage responseS

Water providers have prepared plans to be prepared for water shortages. Depending on water supply availability and State mandates, each water provider in Calaveras County may move into different stages of water conservation response. Click the links below to view the current water conservation guidelines from your local provider.

Water AgencyWebsite
Blue Lake Springs Municipal Water Companyhttps://blsmwc.com/
Calaveras County Water Districthttps://ccwd.org/conservation/water-use-efficiency/
Calaveras Public Utility Districthttps://www.cpud.org/
City of Angelshttp://angelscamp.gov/water/
Union Public Utility Districthttps://www.upudwater.com/conservation/
Utica Water and Power Authorityhttps://www.uticawater.com/about/water-conservation/
Valley Springs Public Utility Districthttps://www.vspud.com/
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