Lower Utica Canal Flume 10

Mission Statement

Utica Water and Power Authority is committed: to preserve and protect the water of the Sierra foothills for the vested interest of the communities in East Calaveras County by promoting collaborative efforts between its two member entities, Union Public Utility District and the City of Angels; to maintain the historical properties of the Argonauts’ original ditch system while advancing efficient management and technology; to deliver water to the communities served, by using revenues generated from hydroelectric energy production; and to assure the quality and quantity of this precious resource for the best beneficial public use for generations to come.

About Utica

Utica Water and Power Authority is a nonprofit, Joint Powers Authority, which was formed in 1996 as a partnership between the City of Angels Camp and the Union Public Utilities District.

A staff of 10 operate a 27-mile-long water conveyance system consisting of Gold-Rush-era earthen ditches, wooden flumes and five reservoirs to move water from Avery to Angels Camp. That water serves the residential, commercial and agricultural needs of 10,000+ people. Utica also operates two hydroelectric power plants: one is Murphys and one in Angels Camp.

Meet the Team

Capital improvements

Maintaining a hydroelectric power plants and a water conveyance system dating back to the 1800s is not easy, but the UWPA team is up to the task!
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